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Best Steaks in Buenos Aires

Every traveler to Buenos Aires wants to know one thing- where is the best place to have a steak? Here’s a short list of my favorites to point you in the right direction…

Steaks by Luis:


Here at The Reserve we rent out our space to a very talented Asador (or grillman) named Luis. Born in raised in Argentina, Luis grew up making barbecues and says he was in charge of his first parilla (grill) at the young age of 11. At this closed-door style dinner you will try probably the best cut of Bife de Chorizo (New York Strip Steak) of your life.  And that’s only after trying many other exciting Argentine specialties such as provoleta (grilled cheese), chorizo (sausage) morcilla (blood sausage), and molleja (sweetbreads).  Luis starts of the night with a traditional antipasta called a picada, with meats and cheese and a glass of bubbly.  And then moves on to serve a typical argentine ensalada mixta (mixed salad), the grilled starters, that incredible steak and finally a melt in your mouth surprise dessert.  My favorite part is that all the courses are served with a glass of Anuva’s very own boutique wines! Steaks by Luis is definitely a must for those who love meat and are curious to know all the ins and outs of a traditional argentine barbecue.

Don Julio:


My family just came to visit and in two weeks we went to this steakhouse 3 times.  Yes, that’s how good it is.  From the warm bread rolls at the beginning to the incredible tiramisu at the end, every part of the dining experience was superb.  Their fresca salad with blue cheese and pear was a hit with my family, and we all decided the best cuts were the Bife de Lomo and the Ojo de Bife.  Mmmm so delicious! Plus for those who enjoy a steak much more with a glass of malbec, they have a great wine list as well.



In the heart of Palermo Hollywood, this steakhouse has a great atmosphere and great food. The portions are large so don’t be afraid to share! I recommend getting a side of mashed potatoes with the bife de lomo, it makes for a stellar accompaniment.  While you are in the neighborhood take the time to walk around and check out the nightlife afterward.  There are some excellent bars to be stumbled upon.

If you have any other recommendations for the best steaks in Buenos Aires please feel free to comment! I tend to stick around Palermo Hollywood/Soho, which is why my recommendations are limited to this area.  But I’m always up to try something new.

Now go out and get yourselves one of those delicious grass-fed steaks!



Puerta Cerrada: Steaks by Luis Authentic Argentine Asado

 At our space, the Reserve, we’re lucky enough to be home to several different events and puerta cerradas. The newest edition to the reserve restaurant collection is the puerta cerrada, Steaks by Luis. In any guide book, online review or by word or mouth it is blatantly obvious that when you come to Argentina, you have to eat steak. We’re known worldwide for top quality beef grilled up with salt and some potatoes as a side. What most people don’t know or get to experience is the more cultural side of this grilled meat. Here in Argentina it’s not just about the food itself but also about the experience of the ‘asado‘ or what an English speaker would refer to as a BBQ. Asados are common Sunday activity for Argentines where you gather with friends and family to hang out, relax, catch up while eating and drinking.

Luis Fabrini

Steaks by Luis is, as you may have guessed, run by Luis Fabrini. He was born here in Buenos Aires and basically since he could walk he’s been participating in grilling up great asados. For him asado is a way of life. Because of this passion and adoration he wanted to find a way to share his love for cooking and asados with everyone, not just his Argentine friends and family. Steaks by Luis is a full fledged asado. It’s as traditional and authentic as you can get without stepping foot into the actual home of a porteño.

grilled starters

Beyond this, what is so special about this asado is that you too get to participate. Luis is not only there to cook and entertain with a great grill show on our very large parrilla (grill) but he’s also willing to divulge tips of the trade and if you’re feeling up to it he even allows you to help out a bit with the grilling. Steaks by Luis offers you a chance to learn what an asado is and what it feels like to be a part of one. They walk you through what all the cuts of meat are, how they are cooked, how long they are cooked as well as other interesting tidbits.

Luis at the Parrilla

The events are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays and last up to 4 hours. The idea is that with your 5 course meal you get to relax and enjoy the fact that you’re with good company in Buenos Aires. The dinner starts off with a large picada and a glass of sparkling wine as a wonderful welcome. Next you get another full glass of wine to go along with the salad course, an mixed salad but with a bit of a surprise twist. After the salad they pour you yet another delicious wine to accompany large and beautiful plate of grilled starters. Giving you time to digest while watching you steaks grilled right in front of you the host graciously makes sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and provides more insight into the culture and life in Buenos Aires. Finally when it’s time for the star of the show a gorgeous hunk of beef, delicately garnished is sat in front of you. Take a moment to ogle the monstrous piece of meat in all it’s grilled glory. When you think you can’t fit any more fantastic food into your belly you’ll quickly change your mind when you see the delectable dessert they have for you.

grilled starters

If you’re looking for an utterly Argentine night filled with good company and great food you’ve got to check out Steaks by Luis. You won’t be disappointed.