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Best Steaks in Buenos Aires

Every traveler to Buenos Aires wants to know one thing- where is the best place to have a steak? Here’s a short list of my favorites to point you in the right direction…

Steaks by Luis:


Here at The Reserve we rent out our space to a very talented Asador (or grillman) named Luis. Born in raised in Argentina, Luis grew up making barbecues and says he was in charge of his first parilla (grill) at the young age of 11. At this closed-door style dinner you will try probably the best cut of Bife de Chorizo (New York Strip Steak) of your life.  And that’s only after trying many other exciting Argentine specialties such as provoleta (grilled cheese), chorizo (sausage) morcilla (blood sausage), and molleja (sweetbreads).  Luis starts of the night with a traditional antipasta called a picada, with meats and cheese and a glass of bubbly.  And then moves on to serve a typical argentine ensalada mixta (mixed salad), the grilled starters, that incredible steak and finally a melt in your mouth surprise dessert.  My favorite part is that all the courses are served with a glass of Anuva’s very own boutique wines! Steaks by Luis is definitely a must for those who love meat and are curious to know all the ins and outs of a traditional argentine barbecue.

Don Julio:


My family just came to visit and in two weeks we went to this steakhouse 3 times.  Yes, that’s how good it is.  From the warm bread rolls at the beginning to the incredible tiramisu at the end, every part of the dining experience was superb.  Their fresca salad with blue cheese and pear was a hit with my family, and we all decided the best cuts were the Bife de Lomo and the Ojo de Bife.  Mmmm so delicious! Plus for those who enjoy a steak much more with a glass of malbec, they have a great wine list as well.



In the heart of Palermo Hollywood, this steakhouse has a great atmosphere and great food. The portions are large so don’t be afraid to share! I recommend getting a side of mashed potatoes with the bife de lomo, it makes for a stellar accompaniment.  While you are in the neighborhood take the time to walk around and check out the nightlife afterward.  There are some excellent bars to be stumbled upon.

If you have any other recommendations for the best steaks in Buenos Aires please feel free to comment! I tend to stick around Palermo Hollywood/Soho, which is why my recommendations are limited to this area.  But I’m always up to try something new.

Now go out and get yourselves one of those delicious grass-fed steaks!



Wine and Food Pairings at Reserve

There are a lot of kitchen experiments going on over here at the Reserve loft! We’re trying to find the perfect food and wine pairings.  I’m sharing a post from the Anuva Wine Tasting blog to show one of the favored combinations:

Hello wine worshippers and food fanatics!! Although this week’s recipe is a pasta dish, it’s really all about the bacon.  I think we can agree that one of the most heavenly smells in the world is that of bacon on the grill.   So I’ll be honest, yes I was craving bacon, but I was also curious to see how it would pair with some of our unique Argentine wines. Get ready… you are about to meet a combination that could impress even the most disagreeable of your in-laws.  So grab your wine glasses and let’s begin! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


Ingredients (2 servings):

  • 100 grams of bacon
  • 200 grams of pasta
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 25 ml of cream
  • 1/4 kg of mushrooms
  • few sprigs of parsley
  • 1 entire green onion
  • chicken broth (in packet above)
  • salt and pepper
  • grated Parmesan cheese

To begin you’ll want to boil some water and start cooking your pasta.  Then chop up your garlic:


And your mushrooms…


And your bacon.  Let’s cook that bacon first so we can get those good smells going! (Warning: If you plan to cook around other people be prepared to face a lot of puppy dog eyes pleading for a taste)


Let those bacon slices get nice and sizzled, and then place them on a paper towel to soak up some of the grease, but not all! Next step, start sauteing your garlic and mushrooms.


Once they are browned a bit, pour in your chicken broth and chopped green onions.


Let them simmer for a couple minutes and then add a dab of cream and some parsley and……


Voilà!! A dish to wow the crowds.  Don’t forget to splash with Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper.  Mmm I already ate that entire bowl and looking at this photo makes me want some more.

Now you’ve probably snitched a bit along the way so at this point you must be PARCHED! Time to quench that mighty thirst of yours, and what a better way to do so than with an elegant red wine.

Here are the two contenders for today’s wine pairing:


Mairena Bonarda 2011 vs. San Gimignano Cabernet Sauvignon Roble 2008.


Now for the taste test! (See here for tips on how to pair wine with food)


And the winner is….


The MAIRENA BONARDA! Also known as Argentina’s best kept secret.  Bonarda was once nicknamed the “patito feo” (ugly duckling) because of it’s high yielding production that led to very poor wine.  It was a common blending grape for making low quality table wines.  It wasn’t until the 1980’s when winemakers from around the world such as Michel Rolland from France came to Argentina and started revitalizing the wine-making process.  They focused on limiting yield production and eventually turned this ugly duckling into an elegant swan.

This wine pairs so wonderfully with the dish because of it’s nice acidity and medium-full bodied characteristics that really compliment the creaminess of the sauce and the greasiness of the bacon.  Taking a sip of this wine after every bite swept away all those strong flavors, cleansing my pallet and making it ready for the next bite.  Make sure you added a lot of pepper to your dish because the pepper characteristics of the wine match it divinely!

The San Gimignano Cabernet Sauvignon was a very close second, but I think I’ll save that one for the next time I’m eating a big juicy steak.  For now I’ll stick to my bonarda 🙂

Buen provecho!

Cajun Cuisine Has Finally Arrived to Buenos Aires

For all you chicken lovers out there, life in Buenos Aires just got a whole lot better. If you haven’t heard yet, Nola Chef and Broeders Beer have teamed up to create NOLA Gastropub, a safe-haven of fried chicken and craft beer. The idea is simple: 4 delicious dishes, great beer at a great price, a cozy environment with good tunes and some house-made sauces that are spicy enough to knock your socks right off. But don’t be afraid to try the green one, small bowls of rice are provided upon request for those who can ‘t seem to shake the heat.

NOLA1So what exactly does NOLA Gastropub offer?

First, those 4 delicious dishes:

1. Fried Chicken Plate (make it a combo and add a pint of beer for just 90 pesos). 2 big pieces of fried chicken with side of some potato salad. What more can you ask for? I’ll take that 90 peso combo and pair it with a Golden Ale any day!


2. Fried Chicken Sandwich. I’m sure we all remember the day the Burger Joint opened up in Palermo. It was a benchmark in the quality of life for us expats. We never again had to worry about how long until we ate another big juicy hamburger. Most of us probably even signed up for their burger card and then qualified for the free one in an embarrassingly quick amount of time. Well, this fried chicken sandwich had an even profounder effect on me. After a few years in BA I’d just come to terms with the fact that some of those simple yet beautiful things in life would just be cherished memories of the past. A fried chicken sandwich was one of them. Now not only it an accessible reality, but it’s a darn tasty reality.

3. Gumbo. This one I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet (maybe tonight!) but I’ve heard it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. You know you are eating some real New Orleans gumbo made by a real New Orleans gal when you thank the lord it came with a pile of rice on the side.

4. Red Beans and Rice. NOLA was smart when they realized that in order to captivate the entire expat scene in BA they would need to appeal to those few vegetarians out there. I, clearly, am not one of them so I have yet to try this dish as well. But I’ll definitely be taking a veggie friend there soon and will steal a spoonful of this Cajun specialty to see what it’s all about.

Now, what’s the scoop on that great beer at a great price?


Well, first of all it’s craft beer. No, I’m not a hipster, but I can fully appreciate a pint of any beer that is crafted by the very man standing behind the counter taking orders. Honestly, anything besides quilmes would make me happy. But these beers are awesome. My two favorites are the Golden Ale and the Indian Pale Ale but their Irish Red Ale deserves a shout out as well. Now what makes drinking great beer even greater?? The prices! During happy hour from 4-8pm one can find themselves sippin’ on these crafty drinks for only 25 pesos! That is a tough bargain to come by in Palermo these days. And, if you do find yourself walking in the door at 8:05 feeling pretty bummed that you just missed happy hour, don’t fret, non-happy hour prices are still a bargain! A whole pint for only 35 pesos! Man, this crew sure knows how to win over the crowd. Plus if you aren’t much of a beer fan, they’re selling wine, campari with orange juice, cynar with grapefruit juice (freshly squeezed!) or home-made ginger sodas and sweet teas for those who have come purely for the fried chicken. far so good..and the environment is cozy?

Yes. Perhaps it’s because this place just opened and people can’t get enough of their fried chicken fix, or maybe the owners Liza and Ticol have a ton of friends. Whatever it may be, this place seems to be at full-capacity most nights of the week. Don’t let that scare you away though, there’s plenty of seating and everyone is too engrossed in their own delicious meal to notice how close the person next to them is.


Plus the design of the place is beautiful. The big chalkboard with the menu is laid out above the bar, which sports an awesome draft dispenser. The walls are covered with drawings from the tattoo artist down the street, my favorite of which is a giant chicken that seems to look down approvingly on all the happy eaters below. The tables are made from old planks of wood and the whole space gives off a reduce, reuse, recycle vibe, which we all agree is way cooler than designing without this sort of awareness. I recently went to New Orleans for the first time and can now testify that while I was eating my fried chicken last night, listening to some New Orleans’s own dixieland jazz, I felt for a moment that I was transported back to that enchanting land of cajun food, street-performers and beignets.


Say hello to G, the chicken.

And finally, what about that spicy sauce?

The NOLA sauce station houses two sauces. A yellow one (honey mustard) that can be enjoyed by all, and a green one (unknown) for those who can take the heat. Don’t be a pansy, give it a try!

En fin, and in the words of the NOLA Gastropub’s blackboard… “Todos somos gordos!” So you heard ’em! Embrace it and indulge in some fried comfort food and endless supplies of brew. You’ll never regret those few extra calories. Check them out any day except for Tuesday.  Gorriti 4389 on the corner of Julian Alvarez.

Argentina vs. Germany in the World Cup Finals!

It is quite exhilarating to be in Argentina at this time.  The national soccer team has advanced to the World Cup Finals after 24 years and the country is euphoric! After the semi-final game on Wednesday the entire country went to the streets to celebrate the win against Holland. Over 5,000 people were estimated to have flocked to the Obelisk in the center of Buenos Aires and I was one of them!

Argentina's fans celebrate their team winning the 2014 World Cup semi-finals against the Netherlands in Buenos Aires

Everyone is anxious to see who will win this Sunday as Germany and Argentina face each other at the Finals for the 3rd time.  Argentina won in 1986 and Germany in 1990, but who will win in 2014?!?!

To get prepared to cheer on the Argentine team, or “la selección” as they are called here, I’ve shared a post written by Diego, a host at Anuva Wines:

WORLD CUP! Once every 4 years, the event where every time Argentina plays a game the whole country stops is back! Everybody stops working, no buses, no taxis, no trains or subway, nothing else matters. Friends and Family gather to watch “La Seleccion”, the Argentine Futbol Team. Next week, on June 12th the first game takes place between Brazil and Croatia, and 3 days after the first game of the Group F: Argentina Vs Bosnia, which is on Sunday so it is perfect to have an Asado with a traditional Argentine Wine Tasting.

Alejandro Sabella

The Argentine Team’s Coach: Alejandro Sabella.

It has been a long wait until the coach Alejandro Sabella provided the official list of the 23 players that are going to represent Argentina in Brasil 2014, just 2 days ago we had the final squad. Here are the names:

Goalkeepers: Sergio Romero, Mariano Andujar, Agustin Orion.

Defenders: Federico Fernandez, Ezequiel Garay, Martin Demichelis, Pablo Zabaleta, Marcos Rojo, Jose Basanta, Hugo Campagnaro.

Midfielders: Fernando Gago, Augusto Fernandez, Javier Mascherano, Angel Di Maria, Lucas Biglia, Maxi Rodriguez, Ricardo Alvarez, Enzo Perez.

Forwards: Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Lionel Messi, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Rodrigo Palacio.

Argentime Team 2014

This is the list of 30 players that Sabella presented a few weeks ago. Otamendi, Banega, Lopez, Rinaudo, Sosa, Mercado and Di Santo where left out, tough decision for the coach, but there are only 23 places for the World Cup.

This team represents Sabella’s idea of mixing young professionals who are having great success in their teams with experienced players to guide them through the process of being part of a World Cup. Although this is a great opportunity for the first timers in a World Cup to show their skills, they are representing a whole nation and the pressure is huge. It has been almost 30 years since the last time Argentina was a World Champion, and in a country where Futbol is so important, the only thing that is on everyone’s mind when the World Cup starts is: WE ARE GONNA WIN THIS!

So lets review a little bit about each of the players that are going to represent “La Seleccion” and if all goes well, will return the glory to the Argentine Futbol!


Sergio Romero

Sergio Romero

Sergio Romero: playing for Monaco in France. He played 45 games with the national squad and was part of South Africa 2010 World Cup. He will be part of the starting line up. On his last game at the World Cup against Germany the match ended 0-4 for the Germans, not all the goals where his fault, but he is hungry to show that it won’t happen again and why he was picked as the first choice.

Mariano Andujar: Today plays at Catania in Italy. Has been in 8 matches with Argentina. He holds the record in the Argentine League without conceding goals for 800 minutes. He went to South Africa 2010 as substitute goalkeeper.

Agustin Orion: Right now he plays for Boca Juniors in Argentina. He played 3 games with the national team and even scored a penalty shot against Brasil in 2012. Second substitute goalkeeper. He never played a World Cup but he has great experience under pressure and is one of the most secure and with attitude goalkeepers in the national league.


Federico Fernandez: with experience working with Sabella in Estudiantes and good performance at his current team Napoli and La Seleccion. He definitely won a place to be part of the World Cup. Games with Argentina:24 Goals: 2. First time in the WC for Fernandez.

 Ezequiel Garay: with a past in Newells Old Boys, Racing de Santander and Real Madrid. The current player of Benfica in Portugal was chosen as the central defender for the Argentine team. 18 games played and no goals. First time in the WC for Garay.

Martin Demichelis

Martin Demichelis

Martin Demichelis: The most experienced defender among the team. Martin Demichelis is a senior here. Today he plays at Manchester City and had a prosperous career playing for Bayern Munich where he won 11 Major titles. He was with La seleccion in 37 games and scored 2 goals. He was one of the surprises in the list, but definitely a good choice to help the “kids” in the team. He was part of the team in south Africa 2010.

Pablo Zabaleta: the right back defender of the team play for the Manchester City in England. He didn’t make it to the previous World Cup, although he was a strong candidate Diego Maradona didn’t include him in the list. He was the first pick of Alejandro Sabella for Brasil 2014. With 36 games with Argentina, his talent is undisputed.

Marcos Rojo: Another defender who worked before in Estudiantes with Sabella. In his 20 games with La Seleccion in the last years he gained a place to be in his first World Cup. He plays for Sporting Lisboa in Portugal.

Jose Basanta: Great surprise! This 30 year old defender who has only played 8 games with the Argentine team is another of the players with a past in Estudiantes de La Plata. Today he plays at Monterrey in Mexico. His talent during the qualifying stages made him win a place at his first World Cup.

Hugo Campagnaro: with a huge career playing in Italian teams, nowadays Hugo Campagnaro is a defender at Inter Milan. He played 12 games for the national team, a 33 year old experienced, talented and tough defender. This is his first and probably last appearance in the World Cup, so i bet that he is going to live his life on the field to defend the white and light blue jersey.


Fernando Gago: One of Sabella’s favorites. Gago play in Boca Juniors in Argentina. He has always proved to be a great midfielder distributing the ball marvelously and not letting the rival take it away from him. He has 46 games with Argentina and believe it or not this is his first World Cup. His hunger to show what he can do to the rivals in Brasil 2014 must be giant!

Augusto Fernandez: the 28 year old midfielder from Celta de Vigo in Spain has only played 7 games with La Seleccion and scored one goal. This was more than enough to convince Sabella that he should be part of the 23 to represent us in Brasil.

Javier Mascherano

Javier Mascherano

Javier Mascherano: An obvious pick for Sabella. Mascherano is the most experienced player of the Argentine team. Attitude, strength and inteligence in the field distinguish this player who has been capped 95 times to be in the team (more times than anyone else in the squad). Messi’s teammate in Barcelona was part of Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010. Will Brasil 2014 be his opportunity to finally win the cup?! Let’s hope so!

Angel Di Maria:  a great dribbler, fast and precise. Di Maria was always there for Sabella. An undisputed piece in the Real Madrid, also part of the essence of the Argentine team. He has 42 games and 8 goals record and was part of South Africa 2010.

Lucas Biglia:  an important piece during the qualifying stages, Biglia has played in the Belgium league the most part of his career at Anderlecht and now he plays for Lazio in Italy. He has a total of 16 games with La Seleccion and this is his first World Cup.

Maxi Rodriguez: another experienced player. Nowadays he plays for Newells Old Boys in Argentina, where he came back just to be champion with his beloved team.  He played 49 games and scored 16 goals with Argentina, every Argentine remembers his amazing goal to Mexico in Germany 2006. He went to South Africa 2010 as well.

Ricardo Alvarez: Ex Velez Sarsfield, currently playing for Inter Milan. His skills took him to be part of the 23 to go to Brasil 2014. He just has 5 games with the team and no goals. Probably he won’t be a part of the starting line up, but watch him if he enters the field, he may surprise everyone.

Enzo Perez: He plays for Benfica in Portugal where he knew how to be an important part of the team. Also was part of Estudiantes when Sabella was the coach. He played 6 times with the squad with great performances, and scoring one goal. First time in a World Cup for Perez.


Sergio Aguero: the great forward of Machester City is one of the most important parts of the team. An amazing attacker that doesn’t forgive the goalkeepers and has a great chemistry with Messi and Higuain with which he already played in South Africa 2010. 47 games with Argentina. Goals scored: 23.

Gonzalo Higuain: a fantastic scorer. With a great past with Real Madrid and currently playing for Napoli, Higuain is a must in the Argentine team. If you give him a minimum space, he scores, as simple as that. Great power shots and he really knows where to be at the right time, as only the best forwards know how to do it. Games: 37, Goals: 21. World Cups: South Africa 2010.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi: the all winner with Barcelona and best player in the whole world has only one objective left in his career: win the World Cup with Argentina. Messi is without a doubt the player that everyone will be waiting to explode in the World cup. He couldn’t score goals in South Africa 2010 and only scored 1 in Germany 2006 against Serbia & Montenegro. He is the top scorer of the team, he has 84 games where he scored 37 goals.  I got a feeling that this is gonna be his World Cup, Go Messi!!

Ezequiel Lavezzi: the forward player from Paris St Germain has the strength of a horse on his legs. He wasn’t selected for the previous World Cup, so now is his chance to proof what he is made of. A player with an outstanding presence and attitude. Games: 27. Goals: 4.

Rodrigo Palacio: a fast forwarder, with great experience in the field. He went to Germany 2006 but was left out by Diego Maradona for South Africa 2010. Rodrigo is back in Brasil 2014, probably he won’t be part of the starting line up, but he is more than capable to show his great skills. Games: 20. Goals: 3.

Alright! This is the team, there has been many controversy among the players picked by Mr Alejandro Sabella in the last weeks (being Carlos Tevez the one player that everyone wanted in but Sabella left out), but this always happens, you can’t satisfy everyone. This is the final list and there is nothing more to do than to wish all of them the best in the upcoming World Cup. Go Argentina! VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!

A Little History About Malbec

When I first moved to Argentina my personal wine consumption soared from what it had been in the US.  This was mainly because wine is everywhere in Argentina, and it’s one of the cheapest drinks to buy at the local supermarket, especially if you are buying Zumuva (Which I was…)


Yes, that is boxed wine! And it shows just how little I knew about wine at that time.  Now after living here for a few years my love for the drink has greatly increased, due in large part to Argentina’s most prized grape- Malbec.  It wasn’t until I did some wine tastings in Buenos Aires and started noticing the labels of wine bottles that I became interested in Malbec.  While those of you who live in Argentina or know anything about Argentine wine are most likely already big fans of the delicious grape, many of you might not know about its interesting history.


Domingo Faustino Sarmiento was a great Argentine president.  Upon his death in 1888 he left behind a number of legacies, one of which (and the most important to those who love wine) was the development the country’s wine industry.

In 1853 Sarmiento heard the news of the innovative French agronomist, Michel Pouget, gaining praise for his unique wine-making techniques in Chile, and invited him to come revitalize Argentina’s wine industry.  One of the grapes Pouget brought with him was Malbec, whose vines had originated in Cohors, France.  In France the grape was known as Côt, but because of its poor resistance to pests and humidity, the grape never flourished as well in its native land.  The flavor was so disagreeable in fact that it was given the nickname “mal bouche” or literally “bad mouth.”  However this bad mouth turned out to be a shining success in Argentina, thanks to the dry climate and all that sunshine in Mendoza.


Another success of the Malbec is that this year it celebrated its 17th anniversary Malbec World Day on April 17th! I don’t know of another grape that claims an entire day all to celebrate just how wonderful it is.  On Malbec World Day we all get to pay our respects to Sarmiento and Pouget for putting Argentina on the international wine map and have an excuse to drink some great wine! But really, who needs an excuse anyway?

How to Make Chocolate Truffles and Pair Them with Wine

If you love chocolate truffles like I do and would like to know how to make them yourself, check out this post I wrote for the Anuva Wines Blog!

Chocolate and wine, a match made in heaven.  If any of you have been to one of our Buenos Aires Wine Tastings, you’ve tried our truffles.  Not to toot our own horn or anything, but they are delicious. And they make the perfect pairing to a bold glass of red wine. You might have been wondering how we make such tasty treats, so I’ve taken the liberty of writing out the steps for you all with some photos to go alongside.  Can you think of a better way to show your love to someone than with an excellent bottle of boutique Argentine wine and some homemade truffles to go with it??

So, put your apron on, this truffle making can get messy!  You’ll only need two ingredients to get started:

  • 400 grams dark chocolate (we use 70% cocoa)
  • 200 grams of cream

First step! Chop up your 400 grams of dark chocolate into small pieces:


Up-close view of my own chocolate chopping technique:


Ta-da! Chocolate chopped.


Now, pour your cream into a pot and heat it up on the stove.


Wait a few minutes until the cream is hot (but not boiling) and then pour in your chocolate bits.


Then stir it all up! Now is a good time to have a little taste, you know, to make sure the proportions are right…


Keep stirring until it looks all smooth and tasty like this:


Then cover it up with some saran wrap and let it cool in the fridge for at least a few hours.  The longer you can leave it the better because the truffles roll much more easily if they are cold.


Now it’s time to start molding! I like to use an ice cream scooper to scoop out some chocolate and then use my hands to make a little ball.  Some might wear gloves but I prefer to go au naturel.


Now for the toppings! Here at Anuva we like to use chopped almonds, but you can use sprinkles, coconut shavings or whatever your creative mind can come up with.


I made some with chocolate shavings as well:


Now for the wine pairing you’ve all been waiting for…it was a tough decision, but I chose to go with a Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve by Las Perdices.


The chocolate is obviously a hit, let’s see about the combo…


Ahh!! Magical! If I hadn’t been at work I would have helped myself to the entire bottle and all the truffles!


So, besides the Las Perdices Cab Sav Reserve, what else goes nicely with some homemade truffles? Here are my recommendations:

  • Amauta Corte III by El Porvenir de Cafayate
  • Gran Reserve Malbec by CarinaE
  • Caluna Blend by Caluna

All of these wine are full-bodied with robust aromas that pair divinely with the rich dark chocolate.  The toasty notes in the wine compliment the toasty flavors of the chocolate, and the cocoa butter counteracts the drying sensation from the tannins. All of these wines can be found at our wine store, so go ahead and taste the divine combination for yourself! Just make sure you look in the mirror before leaving the house…



A Murder in La Munich

Last weekend I saw the play “Crimen en La Munich” in the beautiful old beer hall (or cervecería) “La Munich” in Puerto Madero.  Nowadays La Munich is a museum (the humor museum to be more exact) but in its glory days of the 1930’s, Buenos Aires’s high society used to go to the Munich to sip on a Quilmes and look out to the Rio de La Plata.

lamunich lamunich2

(Some old photos of La Munich)

In these times the Ecological Reserve hadn’t been constructed yet, and the water began right along the Costanera, which is now inhabited by food vendors selling choripan. The water has always been a murky brown color due to the sediments that come from upstream, but it was much less contaminated than it is today.  The Porteños used to flock to the main bathing spot across from La Munich called the Balneario Municipal to take a dip on the warm summer days.


The play “Crimen en la Munich” takes the audience back to the year 1937 to celebrate a night of Carnival in the old beer hall.  It’s an interactive comedy in which a murder occurs and all actors are in some way involved, including the audience. The actors, dressed in their 1930’s attire, move freely among the audience making the whole experience feel very life-like.  It was funny and entertaining and a great activity for a Saturday night.  Plus you’ll receive a Quilmes and some snacks upon entering!

The murder mystery takes place every Saturday at 9pm until October.  Tickets are on sale in the Humor Museum Mondays-Fridays from 11am- 5pm and Saturdays-Sundays and holidays from 11 to 7pm.  The museum is located in Puerto Madero, Av. de los Italianos 851